Memorial Day Weekend Bundt Cake

I knew I was making a dessert of some kind for this weekend, that just goes without saying, but what on the other hand was where I was stuck. This year I went for something simple, and by simple, I mean I used a box cake mix. Yea - I cheated. My favorite kind actually... Continue Reading →


Snowed In Implies Baking Fun

Being snowed in can be a total drag after a heavy snowfall! I decided to make things interesting by baking a cake. I stuck with the gluten-free cake theme. My Mom suffers from Celiac disease, and I wanted to be sure she could eat some too! My flour of choice when making something gluten-free is... Continue Reading →

Grape Cupcakes

Today I decided to make a special treat - a dessert after all that Nutriblast cleansing. I went for cupcakes. I haven't made them in a little while and well, what can I say? I like cake! I wanted something special with a hint of flavor in it - since my cherry - vanilla cupcakes... Continue Reading →

Cherry-Vanilla Cupcake Goodness

The baking bug bit me again this weekend, personally I think it has something to do with watching too much food network on the weekend! I thought about baking bread, but I hate to say it gluten free bread seems so darn boring! No kneading = no fun. I opted instead for cupcakes when at... Continue Reading →

Got Cake?

So I've really been working on my cake skills. Recently I did my first (and possibly my last) fondant cake. It was definitely an experience. While it was a lot of work, and oh so fun to decorate, the taste was horrendous to me! Yuck! So today I am baking a buttercream cake, and since... Continue Reading →

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