Food Memory: Chicken Pot Pie

As long as I can remember my sister and I always had to have an after school snack. I wonder if this is why when I get home from work now, I immediately head to the kitchen to make dinner. I'm always starving after being away from the house, regardless of how big my lunch... Continue Reading →


Kitchen Tips From Mom

Everyone has a Mom full of kitchen advice, my Mom is no exception. I love her kitchen advice! It has always been immeasurably helpful to me when cooking. We are a sentimental household, and what I mean by that is I have cookbook - handwritten, with quotes and other kitchen notes in it created for... Continue Reading →

Food Memory: Chocolate Malt

Everybody has one, probably more than one and I know that I have several! Food memories! This is about what is one of my all time favorite desserts and all because I had an amazing Grandpa who used to make them for us whenever we asked. Yes, I'd say we were more than a little... Continue Reading →

Knife Skills

Today I practiced my knife skills, I found some videos online about the differences between chopping, dicing, mincing, and julienne chopping methods. I learned quite a bit including that I was always holding the knife improperly. 😮 It's not the first thing you want to realize about yourself, but at least now I can... Continue Reading →

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